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Whether you’re looking for your puppy’s first class, obedience, agility, or private lessons, we have a training class that will definitely suit your needs!

Your pup needs exercise and socialization. Whether you only need an hour, or an all-day session, you can pop-in and out as you need to with our Doggy Daycare!

We offer professional nail trimming, teeth cleaning, bathing, and much more! Dogs and cats are welcome to visit one of our three groomers!

We carry a wide range of natural and holistic food, specialty raw food, toys, pet supplies, and much more in our retail store. We even carry cat food so stop by and check us out!

Why choose Paws-itive?

  • Expert trainers with over 40 combined years of training experience.
  • Experienced nutrition staff members can guide you to your dog’s best health.
  • All-day daycare with no appointment necessary! Drop off and pick up as you please.
  • Holistic kibble and raw food that is the best for your dog!
  • Natural dog supplies, like flea and tick spray, shampoos, and much more!
  • Toys, snacks, leashes, and so many other items in our retail store.

Happy Paws Summer Camp is back!

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What people have to say:

We love our experience at Paws-itive! Layla has gone from hiding under the chair, to being a real party girl, and all the while the caring, patience and encouragement of the Paws-itive staff made all the difference.

Hal F. (Layla)

This is a wonderful place to let your puppy play with and socialize with other pups during Puppy Power Hour.

Matthew T. (Sig)

They treat every dog like family! The staff is friendly, kind, and hard working and Rob knows how to train any dog. Check this place out if you haven’t yet.

Tracy E.

I have attended quite a few training classes and have enjoyed every single one. We took all of the obedience courses and even Pet Therapy. Moses has also been groomed by two wonderful ladies, Elena and Ina Lee. What a great job they did on him!

Carmel M. (Moses)

Daycare and the training classes are excellent. I trust these experts to care for my puppy the way I would.

Melissa B.

I was really impressed with Paws-itive Experience. The facility is perfect for training and daycare, and they have all of the best health foods for pets. The new owners are knowledgable, trustworthy, and absolutely love animals. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Matthew M.

Rob trained our 10-month-old puppy Judge and we’ve seen a big difference in his bad behavior in just 3 weeks. So thankful for Rob’s experience and patience.

Denise D.

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