Time to get pampered.

Discover the art of pet pampering with our dog grooming services. From luxurious baths to tailored treatments, Paws-itive Experience offers a range of services to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best.

Experience the difference with our expert care and all-natural products.

Hours and Pricing

By Appointment Only:



Ensure availability by scheduling appointments in advance.

For your convenience, you can book your dog grooming services during their daycare visit.

Grooming Highlights:

  • Comprehensive all-breed bathing and grooming services

  • Professional teeth brushing for dental hygiene

  • Expert hand scissoring and hand drying techniques

  • Specialized de-shedding treatments for shedding control

  • Nail care including trimming and dremel filing

  • Gentle ear cleanings for optimal ear health

  • Exclusive use of all-natural products for a safe and soothing experience

Meet the groomer

Give a woof for Elena, the skilled grooming maestro behind Paws-itive Experience. Let us introduce you to the caring hands and passion that bring out the best in your furry companions. Get to know Elena and experience the artistry and dedication that define our pet grooming services.