Office Staff

Rob Safir
Rob SafirOwner / Trainer
AllieOwner / Nutrition Specialist
DanielleOffice Manager


Tracy Drummond
Tracy DrummondTherapy Trainer
Tracy has been training people of all ages in both corporate and academic settings for almost 30 years. From large seminars to individual sessions, she is a proven instructor. Tracy added dogs to the equation in 2008, and is now assisting dog & puppy owners to find:

  • The incredible joy and value of Pet Therapy
  • Practical solutions for behavioral issues
  • Improved confidence for dog & owner through Agility

Clients attest to her ability to quickly understand & diagnose problems and provide practical, concrete solutions. A member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, as well as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, she avidly pursues canine continuing education. When not working, she loves to hike with her Blue Lacy puppy Doolin.

Lainey Underwood
Lainey UnderwoodAgility Trainer